99 Episodes of Drinking Buddies on the Wall: Episode 99

• August 8th, 2012

We celebrate our last double digit episode with one of our favorite comics, Ron Swallow.  Ron joins us to talk about his experiences in comedy, being a professional rollerblader, his love for heavy metal, and growing up with religious science.  We also discuss the merits of paying for dinner on a date, being responsible about fighting, how badly people are designed, Patton Oswalt's state of comedy address, and our experiences with satanic cults.  Wait, I mean like how we've been around them, not, ya know, in them.  All that and the least effective way to stop AIDS, it's 99 episodes guys!  We love you and thanks for listening!


Welcome to Our Fucking Podcast, Ghost: Episode 98

• August 1st, 2012

Jerry and Chris welcome the very talented comedian Rich Slaton into Drinking Buddies Tower.  Rich dishes on growing up in Sacramento, getting arrested with the Occupy movement, and being the most Aryan Jew ever.  The guys also discuss how Rich started in comedy, douchey tattoos, whether or not Katie Holmes is hot, and the Dark Knight rises, with a brief discussion of the Colorado tragedy.  Also, Jerry tells his daughter about pot, Chris gives a brief history of WWII (kinda), and we talk MMA and weird childhood pranks with Rich.  This episode is jam-packed with vitamins and minerals and is a complete part of any balanced breakfast!*

This week, instead of being sponsored by Audible, we elected to tell you about Colorado open-mic comedian Caleb Medley, who was injured in the Dark Knight Rises theatre shootings.  Four days after being the shootings, Caleb's wife gave birth to their first child.  We'd like to ask that you donate to funds being raised to help Caleb and his family by visiting www.SupportCaleb.com.  Any donation will help.  Thank you!

*There are no vitamins or minerals in a Podcast, please take a daily multivitamin.


I Like that Rumor: Episode 97

• July 29th, 2012

In this episode, Rick Izquieta joins the guys at home and we learn the proper way to say Rick's last name.  Jerry compares his military experience to his Grandpa's, Chris has a "big" secret, Jerry goes to Comic Con, Rick discusses the importance of bringing energy to the stage, Jerry (finally) changes the water pump on his Jeep, and the guys discuss the fun of going to midnight premieres (Note: this episode was recorded prior to the Dark Knight Rises Theatre shootings in CO).  All this and much much more!


The Two-Fingered Jerk: Episode 96

• July 25th, 2012

In this episode, the guys are joined by hilarious comic and neighbor Chris Dunham.  We discuss Johnny Carson's disapproving mother, dating, and Andy Griffith dying.  Plus Jerry tries to figure out how to talk to his daughter about sex and much more!


Don’t Cheapen Rape: Episode 95

• July 12th, 2012

In this episode, the guys welcome recovering comedian and good friend Eric Koziatek into Drinking Buddies Tower to review some beers, talk about women, and nerd out on some things.  Chris makes a poor choice of words that is used against him, Jerry gets used to being a working man again and discusses his explorations downtown, and we share our mutual hatred for the bane of every comic's existence, the bringer show.  Plus we review HBO's "The Newsroom" and check out one of Chris' favorite new songs by rapper Immortal Technique.  All that plus some good-natured ribbing?!  Of course, it's Drinking Buddies.  (Editor's Note:  Rape is a serious matter and we don't think it's a joke, unless it happens to Jerry Sandusky)


Summer Vacation: Episode 94

• July 2nd, 2012

The Drinking Buddies Summer Vacation begins with a trip to the Liquid Zoo and Flappers.  We talk to Bar  Mic host Dave Swan and Cat Show Podcast host Dean Richards at Flappers, and remember our separate Vegas trips at the Liquid Zoo.  Plus Rodney King passes away, the guys review a new beer and review The Grey.


Drinking and Driving: Episode 93

• June 17th, 2012

In this episode, the Drinking Buddies take a little road-trip from the Drinking Buddies Tower in Van Nuys down to the KBEACH studios in Long Beach and back again, and you get to come along for the ride.  The guys talk about 405 Landmarks, Jerry yells at other drivers, and we talk about the feasibility of blimp sex, amongst other things.  Enjoy!


We Have Hypothesis and Other Things (Eddie Ifft Interview): Episode 92

• June 1st, 2012

In this episode, the guys welcome fellow comic and friend Derrick Lemos into the studio.  We talk about how disappointed our kid selves would be in us, Game of Thrones, and why Oreo's in the Potty are a bad idea.  We get to talk to comedian Eddie Ifft of the Jim and Eddie Talks Hit Podcast, and he tells us about getting Chris drunk and sicking him on people, while giving us crap about our audience.  We also discuss some of our favorite video games and Jerry says a bit too much about things he was into as a kid.  All this and more!  If you like the show or have suggestions, e-mail us at DrinkingBuddiesPodcast@gmail.com, and follow us on Twitter @DrinkingBuds, @MeetJerryBrandt, and @ChrisAdams1983.


Don’t Leave Your Bunny in the Sun: Episode 90

• May 18th, 2012

In this briefly lost episode, Jerry shares some stories of traumatic childhood experiences involving animals, Chris has a rough night, and the guys are joined by Comedian Eric Koziatek and Noah of the TANcast for a full recap of Coachella weekend 2.  Plus Jerry gushes about Jack White's new album and much more!


Pure Anger is Black: Episode 89

• May 12th, 2012

The guys talk to Comedian Debbie Kasper and Love-Guru Zelda Bing.  If you live in Long Beach, CA or nearby you can get a free pair of tickets to Zelda Bing's Love Camp at the Long Beach Playhouse on May 20th, first to tweet us win the tix!  Chris gets Punch Drunk (Literally), we see the Avengers, and discuss Obama coming out in support of Gay Marriage and some deaths that shook us.  All in the latest episode of Drinking Buddies!


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