Kasey Koop/People Drove Tractors to School: Episode 120

• October 30th, 2013

Kasey Koop sits down with the guys in this episode, and we have fun talking to her about growing up in a small rural religious town, commitment fears, awesome tattoos, and raves.  Plus Chris still hates his job, and Jerry debuts Drinking in the Kitchen and gives out his awesome recipe for Jack and Mac.  


Walt Jr.’s Epilogue: Episode 119

• October 8th, 2013

Chris is out ill, so Jerry welcomes in reformed comedian Eric Koziatek to be his co-host.  This weeks guest is Brittany Hoagland is our guest and she teaches us how to play the ukulele for comedic effect, the joys of growing up in Kentucky, and desperately tries to avoid our Breaking Bad Spoilers.  She also talks about how she got to L.A. and quit the Olive Garden because of the worst customer ever.  We talk about the government shut-down and Frank the Custodian joins us to make us think nothing is working, when it really is.  Hilarity ensues.  

Check out Brittany Hoagland on Twitter @lolabrit

Check out Eric Koziatek on Twitter @kozibear

I’ll Be On-Time Someday: Episode 118

• September 24th, 2013

The guys welcome comedian Jason Van Glass into the studio...Well, Jerry does as Chris is late once again,  which causes some hilarious threats of physical violence (PSA: No co-hosts were hurt in the making of this Podcast).  Jason and Jerry discuss the magic of finding a poetry open mic, and Jason's comedy roots, the feral donkey problem in Hawaii, and more.  Chris finally shows up after the break, and the guys discuss GTA 5, Cats, and much more.  Have another round on us! 


Glen Danzig’s View On Babies: Episode 117

• September 16th, 2013

The Drinking Buddies return from a long Summer hiatus...well, at least Jerry does on time.  3 and a half months off apparently isn't long enough for Chris Adams so he joins the show late, but it's all good because we have a Drinking Buddies favorite on as our guest, Nick Petrillo!  Nick and Jerry get nostalgic about camp, talk about Jerry being a grumpy old man...at 8 years old, and Jerry presents his "Play Hard Manifesto".   Chris Adams phones in and somehow the topic turns to cat porn, because of course it does.  Chris rants about the douchebag that almost killed him on the freeway (while Chris is talking on his cell phone and driving no less).  Then the conversation somehow takes a turn for the even worse as we get into a discussion of the similarities between Jordan and Hitler (sorry we're so insensitive, we know Jordan is a difficult topic for many people).  We also discuss the merits of losing a job, Amish Reality TV, and when Chris finally arrives to the studio we realize he is very similar to a popular 80's figure.  All that and Jerry says goodbye to his Grandma by talking about her gambling addiction, because that's how we love.  We're so happy to be back!  Also be sure to check out the work of our friend Erin at http://inkedinred.com/.  She created our new logo which we absolutely love!  Listen in and please give us feedback on iTunes so that more people will hear about the show.  


God Hit a Reset Button: Episode 116

• May 13th, 2013

In this episode, Rivers Langley joins us in the studio to discuss doing college radio in Alabama, Cool Ranch tacos, religion and more!  Maronzio Vance also calls in to discuss his Call of Duty habit and how racist kids can be on the Internet.


Rhys Darby Interview (We’re Probably the 3 Kiwis that Hate Rugby the Most): Episode 115

• April 10th, 2013

Keith Carey joins Chris and Jerry in the studio to talk Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and the Wiki Pages of our favorite comic book characters.  Plus Mexico starts delivering drugs over the border in a unique fashion: http://tinyurl.com/cxcbw57 .  Rhys Darby (http://www.rhysdarby.com/) calls in to discuss how he became a comic, some of the differences between comedy in the U.S. and comedy in London, his time in the New Zealand Army, and how the character of Murray Hewitt got his name.  The guys wrap up with a drink of the week, Jerry warns of the dangers of ordering a San Pellegrino, and Chris cracks a joke at the 55 minute mark.  All this and more in another hilarious episode of Drinking Buddies!


Son of a Preacher Man: Episode 114

• March 25th, 2013

Our guest this week is comedian Joe Welker.  Joe joins us in studio to talk about growing up in North Carolina, being the son of a preacher in a religious household, what made him decide to become a comic, and what his parents think of his career choice.


Happy Valentine’s Day…When Are We Going Back To Talking Trash About Women: Episode 113

• February 22nd, 2013

It's Valentine's Day and the guys are in studio with Comedian and buddy Atif Myers, because none of us care.  Atif shares his comedy history, and then the guys get into some deep discussions about women.  Atif challenges the whole world to a fight, Jerry gives tips on being a realistic Dad and reveals his Mom's 80's Dating Gameshow past, Atif gives possibly the best opening line ever heard, we discuss the upcoming X-Men: Days of Future Past Film, and find out our guest has a pretty cool connection to Myers Rum.  Finally we give some important Resume tips (Lie, a lot) and discuss the Oscar Pistorius shooting incident.  All that and much more on a special love filled Valentine's Day episode of the Drinking Buddies!

Atif Myers Twitter: @AtifMyers

Email the Drinking Buddies at DrinkingBuddiesPodcast@gmail.com


Through the Magic of Some Homeless Guys Shopping Cart (Rick Overton Interview): Episode 112

• February 15th, 2013

Comedian Alex Hooper joins the guys in the studio to talk producing underground comedy shows in L.A.   Alex shares the stories of his Rooftop Comedy Show from it's beginning to it's untimely demise, plus discusses his latest show, CRAVE!  The guys talk about Homeless Fights, creative ways to cuss without cussing, how no one talks on the phone anymore, and singing everything all the time.  Rick Overton calls in to share stories of his beginnings in comedy, and to let the guys know what life is like on the road.  Also a surprise visit from John and Ashley Clark!

Show Notes:

Alex Hooper Twitter: @HooperHairPuff

Rick Overton Twitter: @rickoverton

Ticket information for Crave: email cravetix@gmail.com


An Illustrated Guide to the Female Orgasm: Episode 111

• February 12th, 2013

Cate Gary joins the guys in studio, and the conversation gets sexy!  We talk about the proper way to make a lady moan, the superpower known as retrograde ejaculation, and how unattractive people really are when they're getting down.  Plus Jerry reviews John Dies at the End and shares a great Angus Scrimm (Phantasm) story, We get serious with some Gun Control talk, and more.  Matt Braunger calls in to talk Portland comedy, and Matt Claybrooks calls in to reminisce on the heyday of the Long Beach comedy scene and to tell you why getting your puppy shots are important.  It's educational, it's sexy, it's hilarious, it's Drinking Buddies!


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