Shut Up: Episode 110

• February 7th, 2013

It's a full house of comics on this episode of Drinking Buddies.  Jake Kroeger and Jeremy Paul of the "This Better Be Funny Podcast" stop in as do the happiest couple in all of comedy John and Ashley Clark.  We discuss Common Law Marriage, Jerry's hatred of Lance Armstrong, Jeremy Paul's longstanding relationship with his roommate's cat, working in comedy clubs, and the history of Jake Kroeger's name.  Plus Jerry brags about his paycheck and no one ever lets him live it down.  Enjoy!


Don’t Get In A Jerk-Off With Jerry: Episode 109

• January 12th, 2013

Our good friend and fellow comic Tim Palmer stops by the Drinking Buddies studio for a visit.  We discuss why Thanksgiving is a bad holiday, if Technology is heading towards Terminator levels, angry driving, and how hangovers get easier to handle with age.  Jerry makes a controversial statement about the Back 2 The Future Trilogy, Tim hates on platonic mouth kissing , and the guys get into some favorite movie franchises including Rocky, Lord of the Rings, and more.  Also the positive side of black out drinking.  Kick back and have a drink with us!


Maybe I have that too (Natisha Anderson): Episode 108

• January 7th, 2013

In this episode, hilarious and spirited comedian Natisha Anderson joins us in the studio.  We discuss the last Presidential Debates, living with Anxiety, her home state of Indiana, and having a lasting relationship while grinding away as a comic.


Ding Dong Party!: Episode 107 (Pat Regan)

• November 2nd, 2012

The very talented Pat Regan joins Chris and Jerry in the studio this week.  The guys talk about the importance of the performance aspect of comedy, the differences of growing up in the Mid-West and California, relationships, why people don't cook anymore, why the unemployment rate isn't really that bad, reasons to hold off on going to college and more.  Pat shares his thoughts on making the move from music into comedy, the stigma of being a comic who plays an instrument during his act, and some of his comedic influences.  He also treats us to a few of his awesome songs, including "San Francisco Take Me Back" and a new theme song for the Drinking Buddies!


Cats and Drinking: Episode 106

• October 25th, 2012

Dean Richards and Jacob Bunney of the Cat Show Podcast join Jerry and Chris in studio for some quality broadcasting.  The guys discuss the joys of old video games, Jerry's time in Japan, Chris' love for big butts, bad comedy shows and Chris sprains his ankle.  Plus we take a look at the Louis CK business model and Chris and Jerry get to go see the Black Keys in a very small show.  Also we discuss time travel movies and much more!

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Chris Jokenfold vs. Strangehavok: Episode 104

• October 10th, 2012

In this episode L.A. based comedian Zane Helberg joins us in the studio to talk Bad comedy nights, the joys of Tucson,  Chris and I reveal our DJ names, we discuss the downside of gainful employment, and Chris and Jerry go to a strip club.  In the second half of the show, Long Beach comic Tyler Sonnicshen joins us for talks of geography, some tales of dangerous games to play on Craigs List, and we discuss the big rumors about Steven Tyler, plus a heated debate over Disneyland vs. Disneyworld.

To our listeners, sorry for the delay in getting this episode up.  I've had some family issues and work stuff keeping me extremely busy.  I have two more episodes in the can and should have those up soon, and then be back on track for new episodes every Saturday.  Again, sorry for the delay.

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Women Are…You Know, They’re Women: Episode 103

• September 20th, 2012

The guys are joined by filmmaker Tim Thavirat, who created Wizard School and Shot Talkers, and they discuss the joys of having deadlines, oversharing when you drink, the politics of adult friendships, Jerry's on-again off-again relationship, The demands of dating, Chris and Jerry's hetero life partnership, people that get mad in traffic, and more.  Plus Adam Rank joins us for a look back at Week 1 of NFL action and a look forward to Week 2's Games.  All that and a track from Pretty Lights, it's Drinking Buddies Episode 103!


“Isn’t Positive Chris Fun?” -Episode 101

• September 16th, 2012

The hilarious Abbey Londer returns to tell us how she started a RIOT! The LA RIOT! Alternative comedy festival that is.  We discuss the difficulties of organizing such a big festival, the joys of smaller venues vs. larger venues, the Do's and Dont's of putting on a comedy show, and then go philosophical as Chris discusses his attempts to be a more positive person.  We also take a look back at the RNC and Clint Eastwood's possible swerve of the Republican Party, and the DNC and how amazing the speeches were.  Then NFL Network's Adam Rank joins us on the phone to discuss the upcoming NFL Season, Fantasy Football predictions, and of course we talk some WWE with him.  Episode 102 is filled with positivity!


Every Thrust is A Reminder of How Alone I Am: Episode 101 (Felipe Esparza Interview)

• September 3rd, 2012

Chris and Jerry welcome another duo of comedian roommates, Alysa Breen and Keith Carey, into the studio.  We discuss the challenges of trying to be positive as a comic, Chris reveals his weird story of learning the proper method of sexual choking, the joys of rough sex, and how to handle it when your roommate is having sex (yeah, there's a lot of sex in this episode).  Then the guys switch gears to take a look at the RNC and how crazy Clint Eastwood is, Alysa discusses some of the difficulties of being a woman in comedy, and Jerry reveals his most horrifying dream ever.  All that plus Felipe Esparza calls in to talk about his time on Last Comic Standing, coming from a rough neighborhood, and helping a young and bright-eyed Chris Adams by booking him on a show.  Plus theirs some more sex talk in there, for all you people that are into that.

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Smoking Buddies: Episode 100

• August 27th, 2012

The guys get to celebrate their 100th Episode with one of their idols Tommy Chong!  Tommy talks about his time in prison, his relationship with Cheech, comics he's met along the way, and much more.  Before the interview the guys talk about Joan Rivers passing, the joys of tripping, and Jerry talks about his new awesome job.  All that and more as Drinking Buddies hits the century mark!


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