Rhys Darby Interview (We’re Probably the 3 Kiwis that Hate Rugby the Most): Episode 115

Keith Carey joins Chris and Jerry in the studio to talk Mad Men, Breaking Bad, and the Wiki Pages of our favorite comic book characters.  Plus Mexico starts delivering drugs over the border in a unique fashion: http://tinyurl.com/cxcbw57 .  Rhys Darby (http://www.rhysdarby.com/) calls in to discuss how he became a comic, some of the differences between comedy in the U.S. and comedy in London, his time in the New Zealand Army, and how the character of Murray Hewitt got his name.  The guys wrap up with a drink of the week, Jerry warns of the dangers of ordering a San Pellegrino, and Chris cracks a joke at the 55 minute mark.  All this and more in another hilarious episode of Drinking Buddies!