Glen Danzig’s View On Babies: Episode 117

The Drinking Buddies return from a long Summer hiatus...well, at least Jerry does on time.  3 and a half months off apparently isn't long enough for Chris Adams so he joins the show late, but it's all good because we have a Drinking Buddies favorite on as our guest, Nick Petrillo!  Nick and Jerry get nostalgic about camp, talk about Jerry being a grumpy old 8 years old, and Jerry presents his "Play Hard Manifesto".   Chris Adams phones in and somehow the topic turns to cat porn, because of course it does.  Chris rants about the douchebag that almost killed him on the freeway (while Chris is talking on his cell phone and driving no less).  Then the conversation somehow takes a turn for the even worse as we get into a discussion of the similarities between Jordan and Hitler (sorry we're so insensitive, we know Jordan is a difficult topic for many people).  We also discuss the merits of losing a job, Amish Reality TV, and when Chris finally arrives to the studio we realize he is very similar to a popular 80's figure.  All that and Jerry says goodbye to his Grandma by talking about her gambling addiction, because that's how we love.  We're so happy to be back!  Also be sure to check out the work of our friend Erin at  She created our new logo which we absolutely love!  Listen in and please give us feedback on iTunes so that more people will hear about the show.