Every Thrust is A Reminder of How Alone I Am: Episode 101 (Felipe Esparza Interview)

Chris and Jerry welcome another duo of comedian roommates, Alysa Breen and Keith Carey, into the studio.  We discuss the challenges of trying to be positive as a comic, Chris reveals his weird story of learning the proper method of sexual choking, the joys of rough sex, and how to handle it when your roommate is having sex (yeah, there's a lot of sex in this episode).  Then the guys switch gears to take a look at the RNC and how crazy Clint Eastwood is, Alysa discusses some of the difficulties of being a woman in comedy, and Jerry reveals his most horrifying dream ever.  All that plus Felipe Esparza calls in to talk about his time on Last Comic Standing, coming from a rough neighborhood, and helping a young and bright-eyed Chris Adams by booking him on a show.  Plus theirs some more sex talk in there, for all you people that are into that.

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