Chris Jokenfold vs. Strangehavok: Episode 104

In this episode L.A. based comedian Zane Helberg joins us in the studio to talk Bad comedy nights, the joys of Tucson,  Chris and I reveal our DJ names, we discuss the downside of gainful employment, and Chris and Jerry go to a strip club.  In the second half of the show, Long Beach comic Tyler Sonnicshen joins us for talks of geography, some tales of dangerous games to play on Craigs List, and we discuss the big rumors about Steven Tyler, plus a heated debate over Disneyland vs. Disneyworld.

To our listeners, sorry for the delay in getting this episode up.  I've had some family issues and work stuff keeping me extremely busy.  I have two more episodes in the can and should have those up soon, and then be back on track for new episodes every Saturday.  Again, sorry for the delay.

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